Wet Sounds & Advanced Beauty


An immersive experience of underwater music provided by Wet Sounds, combined with accompanying visuals from Universal Everything’s Advanced Beauty.

“Astonishingly immediate, inescapable, and faintly perplexing.” (The Guardian)
Presented in association with onedotzero and with support from TDC and Sheffield International Venues.

Wet Sounds is a listening gallery of sound art by artists from around the world played back through underwater speakers to a floating and diving audience. With ears submerged the listener is immersed in sound perceived through the ears and through the body.

Advanced Beauty is a collection of digital artworks curated by Universal Everything and musician Freeform.  The collection is a series of audio-reactive ‘video sound sculptures’. These videos are physical manifestations of sound, sculpted by volume, pitch or structure of the soundtrack and for the first time will be broadcast underwater.

Presented in association with onedotzero_50kb
Wet Sounds Reviews
“The underwater sounds I was perceiving were paradoxically extended, as if they were made of elastic and invisible pulls were stretching them, making them vibrate even more intensely as bodies passed in and out of them.” (a-n Magazine)
‘Wet Sounds managed to bring a niche art form to a public space frequented by people usually ignorant or uninterested in that niche and display it in such a fashion so as to make them interested… Exhibitions dont get much more successful than that.’  (Wire Magazine)