exhibitions at sensoria

Pete McKee preview – Teenage Kicks


Exclusive preview of new works from Pete McKee’s forthcoming exhibition Teenage Kicks.


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  • Price / Free
  • Date / 24th - 30th April
  • Time / Anytime
  • Venue / Freshmans



An exhibition of paintings & prints by Elvis Davis.


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  • Price / Free
  • Date / Wed 29th April - Sun 3rd May
  • Time / 11am - 5pm (outside hours by appointment)
  • Venue / Bank Street Gallery

Blue Sky Thinking


Phil Wolstenholme was the first digital visual artist in Sheffield, creating computer images for over 20 years, and has produced many notable album covers, magazine illustrations, posters and animations for video.

This exhibition features a selection of Phil’s most important album cover work and other computer images produced over his career to date.


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  • Price / Free
  • Date / Sunday 19 April - Sunday 10 May
  • Time / Opening hours
  • Venue / The Forum

To An Independent Listener – Delia Derbyshire sound installation


A sound installation by Dr David Butler and Camilo Salazar from the Delia Derbyshire Archive at The University of Manchester.  Featuring a number of Delia’s recordings in their original format, this is the chance to delve into the sonic world of this highly influential pioneer who arranged the original Dr Who theme and went onto influence a new generation of artists including Sonic Boom, Aphex Twin and The Chemical Brothers.

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  • Price / Free
  • Date / 25 - 30 April
  • Time / Sat & Sun 12.30-4.00, Mon-Fri 12.30-6.30
  • Venue / Bloc Studios