About Sensoria

Sensoria is the UK’s festival of film and music. Sensoria’s natural home is Sheffield – a city renowned for its creative and technical innovation and one rich in musical heritage. The festival has risktaking and innovation at its core – it is informal and informative; Sensoria loves to provide access, raise aspiration and work to encourage new talent on an ongoing basis.

We hope you enjoyed the April programme, a heady mix of screenings, performance, talks, events and exhibitions but keep checking throughout the year as we present Sensoria Teasers – events, activities and collaborations as and when the opportunity arises.

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Staff Team

Jo Wingate                               Director

Nigel Humberstone                Music Director

Andrew McIntyre                     Film Programme and Development Director

Ralph Razor                           Special Projects and Publicity

Mat Steel                                 Production Manager

Industry Day Co-ordination by Roo Piggott and Barry Whittaker-Gilbey

Programming assistance from Showroom Cinema

Volunteers Makeila Drew, Ciaran Humphries, Matt Thomas