Mixed in Sheffield


Mixed in Sheffield is about electronic music made in Sheffield NOW.

23 of Sheffields brightest electronic lights playing tag-team style sets to give you a snapshot of electric Sheffield in one 7 hour marathon musical extravaganza.

A true fusion of new talent and players who form the backbone of our electronic community; classic and newschool.

Run Hide Survive(Pony)
Darqwan(Oris Jay/Texture/planet Mu)
I-Monster(Dj set)
Darlings of the Splitscreen-Live
Coin operated boy
Tommy Vicari Jnr(Comfortable)
Up & Atom(Pony)
Rogue State(R8)
Mi Loki(Tricksta)
Dutty Dan(R8)
Pygmy Globetrotters-Live
Shake Aletti-Live
Matt Howden-Live
Paul Sleaze&Jeff Danger(Giovanni Chrome)
The Colonel

Drawing from a virtual A-Z of electronic artists active NOW in Sheffield. UMSD has put together a 360 DJ mixtape of the new electronic community in Sheffield. Experimental abstract ambience to dubstep to wonky fidgety glitchety thingamy jigamy to house to minimal techno to Sheffield quirk. Toddla T to I Monster – Darqwan to Chris Duckenfield – Run Hide Survive to Mara – UMSD – Autistichi – Darlings to Sophie Toes and Ross Orton. Its ALL in one big fat mix that is going live as a free download from www.mixedinsheffield.co.uk on 25th April.